An Essay

April Rand
Then 3, 2, 1……Accomplished something during this forced lent-like period of time, a change of
priority for everyone. Instead of going to, thinking about, etc. work, socializing, sitting and talking
with someone you don’t live with, normality, (if you believe in such notions) has left stage left. And,
for the very first time ever, we are experiencing a quieting of our collective souls. We are forced to
be selfish, in the way of caring for (wash hands) ourselves , and those we love, and with it comes also
taking a good clear look at yourself. I think a lot of people I’ve communicated with lately feel the same.
And, nobody ever sees themselves without criticism. Other people tell you you’re perfect. You want to lose
5 lbs, so you strongly disagree and tell everyone : “I only see my flaws and mistakes “. AH, If only for
reality to break down our barriers to understanding being fortunate, attractive, even some goodies from column B:
funny, smart, hip, no gag relax, nice body, healthy life, Because then, this terrible virus, dis-ease, intruder, comes baring secret gifts…..
A gift of time, to be forced to , if you want, take stock. When you turn on the TV you will see real.
Let’s try to show our healthy body , healthy marriage, and all the many goodies from Column B that life allows,
our appreciation. We are trying to be good citizens. But just as important, we are showing our appreciation by
learning self-respect, and all that go with it. Working out, learning a new language, I don’t have kids but if you
do this sure beats Disney Land. If you and your kid(s) like each other, wonderful. If you don’t, it’s a great time to spend
the time it takes to get to know someone.
We saw the streets of NY. Deserted. Nobody. No cops no criminals. No kids. Nobody. I obviously have never
seen anything like it. I wonder, where are the bad guys? The robbers, the looters, the thieves, the bad guys.
I feel that seeing The President every day really helps. It’s like I’ll never get used to not knowing who’s flying my plane,
never got used to it.

Could it be that the bad guys are scared? I can’t imagine; I mean this is NY, we have the baddest guys.
No cops either, they drop like flys. Every night another cop is on the news, 40 years old…leaves a thriving family all alone. Like that.
Anyway, Everybody should keep there chin up, it’s our 1st big pandemic right on our heads.

And if you pray, please remember Pro- Football. I never want Autumn without football, and baseball will still be on.
However, in closing, deep in my heart I feel that April (birthday) has been said and done. I’m thinking May too, here in NY.
How about you?

I live by the Golden Rule…..If you don’t want it, don’t do it to anybody else.